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  • Digoo Camera Configuration Update
Digoo Camera Configuration Update
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Digoo Camera Configuration Update
Digoo Camera Configuration Update

Digoo Camera Configuration Update

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Product Specification:

This is for those who can`t connect to our DG-M1Q


For some customer who have difficult on configuration

we make this sample update to help. Please click download and follow the instruction
just a few steps will be ok :)



First of all, you have to prepare something:

1x M1Q


1x cellphone (Iphone or Android, whatever)


1x totally empty SD card (format before you put in files will even better)


1x WifiInfo file (which you can download it at this page below the headline)


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> SEPERATED LINE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<



1) Open WifiInfo.txt , finish your WIFI name and the password. Usually you don`t have to change PasswordType.


Save and quit.


Note: There is no space between all charecters. Technically it should be work even you contained special characters in password, but if it failed, change to simple password instead.


2) Put it into your SD card, and make sure your SD card has it only.


3) Power off M1Q, insert SD card, power it on.


4) Be patient and wait.


5) While you are wating, open DigooEye app. You`ll notice that it will auto-scan for LAN device, if not, click "+" and choose LAN Search.





6) Choose a device, enter the name, and the password (default to be 20160404)




7) Save and done.



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