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# Apology # for the delay shipping of #XYA# !

Started by Sasa, 16th Nov 2017, 12:55AM
3 replies 757 views
by oliver 22th Jan 2018, 03:24PM
8 replies 1,290 views
by motorhead 11th Nov 2017, 10:40PM

SB-XYA doesn’t connect to app

Started by D155555, 02th Dec 2017, 04:36AM
11 replies 1,147 views
by tvschutt 18th Mar 2018, 03:35PM
2 replies 441 views
by hanveld 17th Mar 2018, 02:17PM

Doorbell API

Started by Blloyd, 15th Mar 2018, 06:18PM
0 replies 37 views
by Blloyd 15th Mar 2018, 06:18PM

Unbound my doorbell please

Started by Emi, 23th Feb 2018, 06:03AM
4 replies 180 views
by damian 15th Mar 2018, 06:26AM

Digoo DG-Hosa Greek Users

Started by christoforas, 11th Mar 2018, 05:58PM
0 replies 65 views
by christoforas 11th Mar 2018, 05:58PM

Problems with the international Server?

Started by alberto0581, 06th Nov 2017, 03:28PM
17 replies 1,332 views
by George M 10th Mar 2018, 02:00PM

Digoo DG-HOSA External Siren

Started by zografos, 03th Mar 2018, 01:13PM
4 replies 168 views
by zografos 10th Mar 2018, 12:47PM

Digoo HOSA Alram System - Smart Notification Delay

Started by Cordylus, 10th Nov 2017, 11:59AM
11 replies 983 views
by weinbauerli 07th Mar 2018, 11:00AM

HOSA RFID tag support, which RFID specs to use

Started by Jan Digoo user, 28th Jul 2017, 04:03AM
4 replies 585 views
by Minister 07th Mar 2018, 03:16AM

How do you delete doorbell if bound to another account ?

Started by pleax, 31th May 2017, 01:25PM
13 replies 1,102 views
by Mariu Carlo 06th Mar 2018, 12:43PM

Device has been bound by other accounts

Started by theadmiralq, 13th Nov 2017, 09:39AM
13 replies 1,168 views
by Mariu Carlo 04th Mar 2018, 09:43PM

PIR sensor problem

Started by Octopus, 27th Feb 2018, 03:32PM
2 replies 173 views
by Octopus 01th Mar 2018, 03:18AM

HOSA doesn't receive phone calls

Started by [email protected], 03th Feb 2018, 06:24PM
1 replies 224 views
by Armacdee 28th Feb 2018, 05:43AM