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Message& Call setting on DG-HOSA

Started by Eve, 18th Jul 2017, 09:20PM
18 replies 3,520 views
by Pka2why 13th Mar 2018, 08:18AM

#German for HOSA app# Need help for the translation!

Started by Sasa, 09th Nov 2017, 09:03PM
4 replies 1,013 views
by challenge 06th Feb 2018, 05:10AM
8 replies 1,715 views
by tsarm 27th Oct 2017, 03:54PM

Doorbell Bound State - how to remove from account?

Started by ra11, 23th Sep 2017, 06:12AM
38 replies 2,573 views
by Wesa Tom 21th May 2018, 06:42AM

Covering the remote controll's button

Started by george22, 09th Apr 2018, 05:26PM
1 replies 195 views
by Louis 18th May 2018, 06:54AM

HOSA Sensor-Naming

Started by Matahari, 04th Oct 2017, 02:22PM
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by Minister 17th May 2018, 12:05PM

Digoo Hosa Hama Crowdfunding project about SMS alerts on mobile:

Started by Minister, 17th May 2018, 12:00PM
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by Minister 17th May 2018, 12:00PM

DG-HOSA and wireless siren

Started by Louis, 24th Sep 2017, 03:40PM
4 replies 995 views
by Dem 17th May 2018, 09:30AM

digoo dg-so38h app not working

Started by Itamar1, 12th May 2018, 12:09PM
1 replies 58 views
by Luciano Linde 12th May 2018, 03:52PM


Started by Luciano Linde, 11th May 2018, 06:26AM
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by Luciano Linde 11th May 2018, 06:26AM

Digoo DG-HAMA and alexa amazon

Started by Luciano Linde, 21th Apr 2018, 07:40AM
10 replies 544 views
by Luciano Linde 10th May 2018, 09:02AM

No cell signal

Started by Stik, 25th Apr 2018, 09:05PM
1 replies 142 views
by threads 10th May 2018, 03:50AM

Hi does the Careras Work with Amazon echo show

Started by Nigel Whiting, 06th May 2018, 07:02AM
2 replies 96 views
by threads 09th May 2018, 04:13PM


Started by Christine Poole, 02th May 2018, 05:15AM
3 replies 146 views
by Bundu 04th May 2018, 08:26AM

Digoo server is down : binding device failed

Started by ficoide, 27th Apr 2018, 04:42PM
2 replies 166 views
by Bundu 04th May 2018, 08:26AM