400mL USB Electric Humidifier

400mL USB Electric Humidifier

DIGOO DG-907C USB Electric 400mL Ultrasonic Humidifier With LED Light Air Purifier Mist Diffuser
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Model DG-907C
Material ABS+PP+Silicone
Power 2W
Working voltage DC 5V
Working current 400mA
Water capacity 400mL
Spray output 40±10mL/H
Product size 81×81×184mm
Weight 223g
Power by USB plug in

- Replenish moisture
Moisturize and relieve the skin. Don’t let prevent dry air, dry skin, and flu/cold germs ruin your day. It’s easy to protect yourself and your loved ones, especially with the 400mL water capacity and up to 10 hours of use. The auto shut-off feature will turn the device off when it runs out of water, so keep it on as long as you want.
- Relaxing, Refreshing, Restoring
Feeling tired every day Benefits from reducing fatigue to relieving insomnia to lowering mental stress. It’s time for you to enjoy a good night’s sleep and an energetic morning.
- Cool Soft Mist + Ultrasonic Technology
Quickly increases humidity. Spray Output: 40±10mL/H.

- Press the button to adjust the brightness
1. Link power, press switch on, start spray mode
2. Second press, spray+low-light
3.Third press, spray+middle light
4. Fourth press, spray+strong-light
5. Fifth press, turn off humidifier
6. Set a timer of continuous spray for 4hours

Package Includes :
1 x DG-907C Humidifier
1 x Cotton Swab
1 x USB Cable


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