AC Power Extension Cable

AC Power Extension Cable

Digoo AC Power Extension Cable Cord 1X 3M EU or 10X 0.3M EU US Black PVC Rubber
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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Brand : DIGOO

Digoo AC Power Extension Cable Cord 1X 3M EU or 10X 0.3M EU US Black PVC Rubber

This Digoo series AC Extension Cable extend the length of an existing power cable. Rated for indoor use with equipment such as a desktop computer, HDTV, television, kettle toaster, microwave oven, desk lamp and more :)
There are two kinds of cord combination type, You can use 3M Extention to connect the device directly or use 10X 0.3m Extention to DIY your own connection style.

Choose the Extension Cable Model you need according your country.
Brand Model Type Quantity x Length Cross-sectional Area material
Digoo EC-EU1 EU 1 x 3m 3 x 1.5mm² Rubber
Digoo EC-EU2 EU 1 x 3m 2 x 0.75mm² PVC
Digoo EC-EU3 EU 10 x 0.3m 2 x 0.75mm² PVC
Digoo EC-US1 US 10 x 0.3m 2 x 1.3mm²(16AWG) PVC

Package Include:

1 x Digoo EC-EU1 /1 x Digoo EC-EU2 / 10 x Digoo EC-EU3 / 10 x Digoo EC-US1 Extension Cable



Average rating:
5.0 / 5.0
These are great when you need to plug in multiple large wall warts in to a wall socket. One large wall wart usually cover any unused sockets not allowing you to plug in another AC chord or wart. These solve that problem.
April 25, 2017
Buen producto a buen precio. Muy satisfecho.
October 27, 2016
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