Digital  LCD Thermometer Alarm Clock

Digital LCD Thermometer Alarm Clock

Digoo DG-C4 Digital Sensitive White Backlit LCD Thermometer Desk Alarm Clock Dual Alarm With Snooze
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Product Specification

Product Specification

  • Brand : DIGOO


Brand Digoo
Model DG-C4
Digital Sensitive White Backlight
Desk Alarm Clock
Size 132mm x 75mm x 46mm / 5.2" x 3" x 1.81"
Color Black
Display Temperature (°C/°F)
Time & Date
Alarm Function & Snooze Function
Alarm Mode Dual Alarm
 Screen Display  Sensitive White Backlight
Time 12/24hour Selectable
Function Light Sensor
Time & Date Display
Alarm Funtion
Indoor Temperature(℃/℉ )
Snooze Function
Temperature  Indoor Temperature : - 10°C ~ 50°C ( 14°F ~  122°F) 
Date Display Year & Month & Date
Power By 3 x AAA Batteries
Feature :

A big, friendly display, clean and simple design, and the sensitive backlight brightness are the hallmark features
of this elegant little alarm clock that gives you everything you need in a clock without a lot of confusing extras.

-Dual Alarm : Daily alarm (Mon. to Sun.) or working day alarm (Mon. to Fri.) optional. Alarm will last 1 minute if no other operations.
-Snooze Function : The maximum of repeated snooze can be 10 times.
-Indoor Temperature : The temperature will be automatically updated in each 10 seconds.
-Light Sensor : When light sensor is turned on, clock will automatically adjust its back light according to the brightness of surroundings.

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Package Includes:

1 x Digoo DG-C4 Digital Sensitive White Backlight Thermometer Desk Alarm Clock
1 x Digoo DG-C4 Full English User Manual
1 x Digoo DG-C4 Original Color Gift Packaging


Average rating:
5.0 / 5.0
I love the adjusting backlight! The clocks light adjusts depending on how much light is in the room. My old clock would light up the whole room all night long, that is why I purchased this one and am very happy with it. The clock isn't too big so it doesn't take up much space on my night stand which is also a place. I'll probably also take this on work trips.
September 26, 2017
Love that it stays lit all the time without pressing any buttons. Needed a clock for my bathroom that would light up enough to see the time at my 3am bathroom trip but wouldn't be so bright that it lit up the entire room. This is perfect!! Small. Portable. Love the room temp feature. I don't need the alarm. Will be taking it with my on a cruise next week since it will be the perfect amount of light for an interior cabin.
September 25, 2017
Bought these for the kids. This alarm clock is perfect for my kids room. Theres no cord for kids to pull clock down in their heads. It also show the temperature in kids room to keep it nice and comfortable. Nice clean and simple design. Ability to turn off backlight is a very nice option for me. The alarm starts low, then increases in volume.
September 19, 2017
Betin Ross
Love it! Super easy to operate! Needs to viewed at eye level in order to see the numbers.
September 19, 2017
My mom recently went on a train for vacation and wanted a travel clock, this worked perfectly. Display was big enough for her to read without her glasses and the light helped her check time at night. Nice alarm sound to wake up with also. She said she'll be taking it with her on her next trip.
September 14, 2017
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