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【DIGOORIGINAL】How good it can be ? Serious.

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720P and HD are Just a Title Now

Video quality is determined by a lot of factors. 720P is very common in ip camera field, but each camera have lots difference in video quality.
Just like all the brand of smartphones, many of them claiming 13mega pixel but when you take a picture you will see the image difference.

Usually in China, a factory will replace some parts to reduce the cost, to try make a product's price more attractive. Especially the lens. A cheap camera lens can cost maybe only $0.27 but a good lens might cost $1.5-$1.8, that is a huge difference.

Or, some manufacturer will even sell a good lens at first round, and then replace at next batch processing, both seller and buyer are don't know about that, but time will tell the quality issue.

That usually how manufacturer here live and earn.

The Video Solution is the Core

In China, there are more than 3000+ video solution company, they have different adjustment on the source video solution, but their professionalism have lots difference too.

The skills of the engineer will have a great impact on the video solution.

We can open a camera, take out the PCB to compare and you will see. Below it is M1X's PCB :

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Every Details Electronics Parts and Technologies

Night Vision

The IR LED and construction will produce a different night vision.

Before, at the level of M1 grade camera, the IR LED usually is 6pcs, but the LED power can be different. But usually seller won't tell in the description.

If the LED is not powerful enough, the IR light will scattered then, and user can only see the area in front of the camera, on the left or right are a fuzzy night vision.

Microphone & Speaker

Not just the audio quality, a cheap Microphone and Speaker will have a large current interference noise.

Configuration Way

Build in wifi antenna has different "db" power, a good antenna can ensure the connection is well. But what s more important is : The linking way to your router.

Some router can't receive the smart link's instruction. Sound waves way will be an Excellent choice, it will turn the configuration instruction into a sound and make the router accept its configuration request.

Unfortunately, many app is just produce a loud noise but indeed the wave is not passing to the router.

In DigooEye newest firmware .16, we have fix the important bugs of some smart phone can't configuration and improve the sound wave configuration way.

Beside the tech improve, M1X has a build in LAN Port now, so customer can connect the camera in both wired and wireless way. Plug in and finish~100% Success.

Usually an ip camera with LAN port will cost about $33 to $49+, you can see how important of this connection part.

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Digoo Quality Check is undergoing a total upgrade. Purchase many advanced equipment, Replace many manually work by machine to process and QC.

Some problem of M1Q like : Speaker noise, IR-Cut not switch, Working temperature anomalies, are all fixed in the new production line.

We special pay a lot attention on the camera lens processing, make every DigooEye have a clear vision.


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We insist to add the joystick function. Because we believe the control feeling is so great!~

User can rotate the camera easily and doesn't need to slide the screen every time.

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M1X s Packaging use different material than before, thicken, harder and cover by glossy film. From the hardware to the software and packaging, M1X are a new high level.

$19.99 pre-order price for Digoo first anniversary day. Price Only available at 3th to 5th April.

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