What`s DIGOO?

First of all we think you should know that it`s "DI-GU" not "DI-GOU" 


As early as April 2016, DIGOO was founded in China by three recently graduated college students. It has been 1 year and 7 months seems then, we now have 13 employees and 100 products.


In the beginning, DIGOO just made some ordinary household products, such as light bulbs, mixers and more. Until one day, we have to do home-use surveillance cameras, since then, they get out of hand.




Of course, we are not the gods that can make every product perfect, even god can`t itself, but we will continue to strive for perfection. So everything we create, it must be super high-cost performance, must be beneficial to all customers, must make all the people happy.


From the beginning, we think that the cheapest thing is always the best. However, in fact, we have not achieved great success on this path of cheapness. There is a common saying in China that you pay for what you pay for, no matter when you say it, it is useful. That is why we now think that people all over the world should use DIGOO product with the best of quality and the cheapest price.




We should make everybody who buys our products happy. Is this what DIGOO should do?


In fact, we are doing it.


We are not afraid of lose, we will always bring you the best quality and the best products.


This is DIGOO.










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