We make your life easier by offering secure and smart solutions to daily modern living. This is our story.


In April 2016 three recently graduated Chinese students, full of ambition and the vision of creating awesome home products came together to start Digoo.


In the beginning, Digoo focused on ordinary household products, such as light bulbs and food processors.  However, it did not achieve great success on this path. Offering these common items was a challenge as it was flooded with competition who were all offering items similar in quality and price. In this market, Digoo failed to see growth in their brand.


Revitalized by smart home security

After learning this lesson, Digoo changed perspective and began working towards producing smart home technology products. Digoo invested in developing surveillance cameras and smart home solutions.
Digoo fills the hole of affordability in the market, most other similar items are more expensive and offer little extra value. Digoo gives everyone the chance to enjoy modern smart technology.


Digoo currently has a competitive position in these smart emerging technologies offering some of the most affordable full-function security and intelligent home products.


The future is bright

In 2018 Digoo had 13 employees and over 100 products. Everything we create must have a high cost to performance ratio, must be beneficial to all customers, and must make all our users happy.

We should make everybody who buys our products happy. Is this what Digoo should do?

In fact, we are doing it.

We will always work to bring you the best quality and the best products.

This is our story, welcome to Digoo.