Smart Home Expectation



In the past year,we created, we fight, we discovered, we failed, we succeed.

We have seen our direction.

From camera to the home security system.

We think this era is changing.

People are more willing to pay more for an Intelligent home system.

Including the safety of the house and their own.


First of all, we think that something can be interacted with your phone, through its APPs, could be “SMART”. (This is exactly what most of us are doing now.)

Later, we realized that things are not just APPs, connected to other objects from a system. This is real intelligence. (We call it: “Xiaomi Time”.)

Till now, we know that intelligent systems can operate without both hands, just by your voice, you can control your home devices successfully. (We call it: “Alexa Time”.)

Thus foreseeable direction must be the ultimate direction of the development of smart home systems.

That's J.A.R.V.I.S.  (the smart steward of Tony Stark in Iron Man)

That is also our DIGOO, the ultimate direction.


Just looking forward to it.

In the future, we hope families in the world have this system.

One for Each family.

Just one is enough.




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