Wireless Digital LED Alarm Clock

Wireless Digital LED Alarm Clock

Digoo DC-K3 Plus 18' Wireless Digital LED Alarm Clock Snooze Night Mode Remote Control Wall Clock
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Brand Digoo
Model  Digoo DC-K3 Plus Wireless Remote Control
18' Night Mode Wall Clock
Size  450mm x 164mm x 27mm /  18' x 6.5' x 1'
Clock  Black Shell White Digital
Display 18 inch  Big LED Wall Clock 
Function  Large LED Display 
Snooze Warm Night Mode 
Alarm Cock Function
Three Level Brightness Adjustment
( High-Medium-Low)

Can be visible for Long Distance (Max to 60m)

Memory Time Function 
Hours  12 / 24 Hours Selectable
LED Light  128pcs LED Light Beads
Voltage  5V 2A 
Power By Simply USB Cable
( Which is Included in Package for you :)

Feature :
Adjustable Brightness : High brightness with intensity levels to accommodate different needs.
Multi-function : Time display, snooze alarm & night light all in one to give you convenience and save space.
Energy-saving & Contemporary : Ultra-low power consumption LED, low cost, only need 5V even you can connect USB port.

18 inch Big LED Light : Which make you can see it in a long distance ( max to 60m)
High Bright LED : Clear white light color, can remote view, no blue light.
Memory Function : Built-in lithium battery, with a time memory function, more convenient for your life.

Product   Note Product ID 
[ Click ID to Get Your Favorite Clock]
Mutifunctional 3D LED Clock
[ DIGOO First LED Clock]
-3 Level of Brightness Change
-30 Meter Distance Readable
   ID 1176683
DC-K4 (New)
Dual Color 3D LED Clock
[ Dual Color Change Wall Clock ]
- Warm Light & White Light
-LED Time Display
   ID 1255588

Package Included :

1 x Digoo DC-K3 Plus 18' Large 3D LED Walla Clock
1 x DIgoo DC-K3 Plus USB Power Cable
1 x Digoo DC-K3 Plus English User Manual
1 x Digoo DC-K3 Plus Original Package Boxes


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